Commercial kitchen

Three-Michelin-star restaurant Frantzén chose a ventilation solution from Jeven

When Björn Frantzén built his new restaurant in Stockholm, the ventilation presented a challenge. The challenge was to create a good environment for both guests and employees since the seating is located around the kitchen, where the food is prepared over an open fire. Now that the kitchen is up and running, the air environment in the restaurant has turned out to be very successful and has even been praised by the Swedish restaurant guide, White Guide.

“A tribute is in order to a profession that is rarely celebrated in this kind of context: a ventilation genius has ensured that, as a guest, you experience the maximum theatrical cooking without suffering the slightest from odours, either during dinner or when sniffing your clothes the next morning” - White Guide

End user: Frantzén
Filter solution:
UV-TurboSwing filters, hoods, condensate separator
Total airflow: 11 520 m3/h